Our Process

We would like to share our process with existing clients and those looking to come on board: 

Initiate a Direct Inquiry – We ask that you initiate contact with us via phone (may need to leave a voicemail), email, or complete and submit the web form located under "Apply."  Unfortunately we can not initiate conversations based on 3rd party referral communications. In other words, we will not call you or email you because someone else told us you needed help.  

Initial conversation – One of our BCBAs will contact you to learn more about your concerns and potential needs. This may lead to an exploratory meeting and or conversation at no charge.  If we feel there is potential for an effective treatment plan, we will notify you of such and communicate timing of intake.  We may also inform you that we can not effectively provide services and may recommend another clinic.  Some diagnosis are more complex or require special services we do not provide.

It is a possibility you will be placed on a waiting list due to the explosive demand for ABA services. During this time we ask for you to notify us if any change in your desire for services.  We will communicate periodically as openings occur. You may also call the office for any questions or update request.  

Initial assessment - Once we have an opening, and you still have interest, a formalized billable meeting will be scheduled where your child is evaluated so a treatment plan can be created.  The meeting can last a few hours, and the creation of a treatment plan make take a week or so. Upon completion you will return for acceptance of recommendations and sessions can be scheduled.

Sessions and Ongoing Services – The sessions will be administered according to the accepted treatment plan. Routine monitoring of services will be done and communicated back to parent at periodic intervals. Progress meetings will be scheduled from time to time. 

Updating of treatment Plan / Service Hours – Periodically it is needed to add or modify the treatment plan. This could include a modification of service hours needed, or modification of approaches to treatment.


*The items above are generalized to all service applicants and may be modified in part or whole depending on needs, complexity, and service availability.   Timeframes may be changed according to demand or availability of staff.  For additional questions, please direct to specific staff.  

Services listed on this page are delivered on a case-by-case basis and individualized for each child’s needs. Other ABA therapy services may be available based on the child or individual’s current skill levels and challenges. Please contact us now for more information.

"Scott & Amber has done wonders for our autistic child. We opened a clinic so we can share this resource with other parents and their kids. Definitely worth the call to find out more." Jeffrey & Dana Mathews