About Us

The Missing Piece is a non-profit ABA clinic formed in 2013. We are located in Sulphur, Louisiana and provide ABA services to families and individuals with autism spectrum disorder, PDD-NOS, and related disorders. With an emphasis on high quality, effective, and individualized ABA services, The Missing Piece teaches specific skills and behaviors that are significant to both family and individual.

Our Approach to Delivering ABA Services

  • We treat behavior directly rather than trying to change an ‘emotional state’.
  • We pinpoint specific behaviors to address, implement specific treatment plans, take specific data, and make specific modifications.
  • We focus on behavior that is desired to occur, rather than behavior that is not desired.
  • We coach parents, teachers, and staff to give instructions in a positive, educative, and specific manner.
  • We break down general categories of skills and teach specific behaviors that make up those general categories.
  • We individualize strategies used to change behavior. This includes parent and staff training as well as our specific client treatment plans!
  • We follow an empirical, scientific approach with principles and procedures established in rigorous basic research.

What ABA Services Look Like with The Missing Piece

  • Consult directly with parents and caregivers to determine needs.
  • Conduct assessment of current skills and skill deficits.
  • Create an individualized behavioral treatment plan
  • Deliver individualized, ongoing family trainings.
  • Collect specific data to track progress.
  • Make moment-to-moment changes and treatment modifications based on the data.
  • Work with parents and caregivers to identify possible grants and funding sources.
  • Work with your insurance company to determine benefits.
  • Provide presentations and workshops to teachers, professionals, students, parents, and organizations.
  • Support the local autism community in spreading awareness of autism and evidence-based practices.
  • ABA services listed on this page are delivered on a case-by-case basis and individualized for each child’s needs. Other ABA therapy services may be available based on the child or individual’s current skill levels and challenges. Please contact us now for more information

"Scott & Amber have done wonders for our autistic child. We opened a clinic so we can share this resource with other parents and their kids. Definitely worth the call to find out more." Jeffrey & Dana Mathews